Software Modules

A central component of CDPSoft's Product Development Strategy is to develop our software in such a way that allows us to create configurable discrete software modules that enable new types of solutions or deployment shapes to be achieved in a scalable way. This combines the best of both worlds: the customisation of bespoke software with the wider support of product based software.

Our software modules cover:

  • Case and Contact Management including mini-modules for Clients, Organisations, Groups and Task/Event Management
  • Workflow and Resource Management including Time Management
  • Electronic Forms module giving virtually unlimited flexibility in field creation and inter-field workflow
  • Criteria Scoring and Matching Engine

Our functional modules are underpinned by modules relating to:

  • Reporting and Analytics using WISDOM including custom reporting, workbooks, returns and report scheduling
  • Security and User Management including multiple levels of access
  • Standard Letters via Doc Inject

Contact us to discuss our Software Modules and what they can do for you.