Software Support

CDPSoft can provide comprehensive 2nd and 3rd Line software support and maintenance services across a wide range of technology areas. Our robust processes are proven over many years in client deployments for both custom/bespoke systems and product based applications (our own and 3rd Party applications).

Our support is based on efficient, pragmatic processes which seek to eliminate bureaucratic administration whilst retaining process rigour, performance and reporting. Our handover processes enable knowledge to be transferred quickly.

We operate our team as a Centre Led Action Network whereby all of our staff have a working knowledge of all of our systems supported by nominated experts for each specific system we manage.

CDPSoft can provide support services in the following areas:

  • Web Based Applications in Java or .NET
  • Mobile applications including RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android
  • Database Applications in Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server

Contact us to discuss our Support Services and what we do for you.