CDPSoft is proud to present SMART, the only purpose built monitoring, analysis and reporting software specifically designed for the needs of Local Authorities. Based around an extensive housing monitoring module, SMART extends into many other areas such as Employment, Sustainability and Transport and is fully configurable for any custom monitoring requirement. SMART combines intelligent workflow and simple, intuitive web based wizards with sophisticated analytics, reporting and GIS to provide the definitive monitoring tool for Local Authorities.

Key Features:

  • Full permission lifecycle
  • Create sites and manage allocations
  • Algorithms for quality and accuracy
  • Configurable alerting and exception reporting
  • S106 module
  • Premises/Stock module
  • Import historical data
  • Automated interfaces to existing applications
  • Regional, county-wide and district versions
  • Configurable for local monitoring needs
  • Full use class/land use code support


  • Planning monitoring
  • Annual monitoring reports
  • Policy, strategy and objective monitoring
  • Housing trajectories
  • "Joined up" monitoring
  • Advanced Querying
  • Sustainability appraisal
  • Seamless digital chain