The Portal is a highly intuitive front end platform that enables your clients to access their details in single or multiple back office systems seamlessly in one place. The Portal can integrate with CDPSoft's own applications and/or include access to 3rd Party applications e.g. Adult Social Care, Housing, Service Booking etc. The Portal is designed to be the 'one stop' access point for content and data relating to a client's own record, interests and needs.

The Portal includes many advanced features including Advice Assistants, Messaging, Tasks, Case Management, Forms, Social 'advertising' and much more. Central to its strength is the dynamic profiling of a user on an ongoing basis through the use of tagging, contexts and user generation allowing content, recommendations and advice updates to be proactively notified to users each time they log in.

The Portal can also be deployed standalone using its Advice Assistants and functions for many different purposes from Advice/Guidance Wizards in areas (such as Housing and Personalisation/Individual Budgets) to structured 'brochure' websites offering tiered access to the service offerings, recommendations and price lists of Providers of Support, Care, Domiciliary Care, Sheltered Housing etc.

Key Functions:

  • Highly intuitive public access portal for end users
  • Fully featured with multiple Advice Assistants/Wizards, Tasks, Casenotes, Client Messaging, Social 'Advertising', Forms, Favourites/Reading List and much more
  • Robust security and registration including anti-spam provisions
  • Integrated persistent client profiling using tags, contexts and navigation
  • Full content management for text, video, images and the ability to generate structured advice assistants/wizards
  • Integrates with other CDPSoft and 3rd Party web applications via web services and/or deeplinking

Example Deployments:

  • Enhanced housing options and advice including automated Advice Assistants to reduce footfall in drop-in centres
  • Individual budgets and personalisation including controlled access for clients, brokers, trusted advisors and provider/services
  • Client access for supporting people and adult social care
  • Worklessness
  • Guided brochure navigation tool for providers and services including descriptions, pricing, suggestions and booking
  • Any form of structured information provision e.g. help wizards, service pathfinding, centralising 3rd party system content, etc

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