SPECT is a Framework Tender and Call Off application that enables organisations to create, evaluate and manage multiple frameworks as well as Call-Offs, Mini-Competitions (including TUPE), Mini-Tenders and Standalone tenders. It also acts as a Case Management system for Providers, Services and Suppliers including full featured modules for Tasks, Events/Casenote system and Reporting. It can also be integrated with the full Contract Management module within SHARP.

SPECT is highly configurable, allowing a wide range of categories, criteria and questions to be set-up, evaluated and reported on such as Quality, Delivery, Pricing, Commercial Terms, References etc. Users can quickly and easily set-up new tenders using a purpose built front end of adding/editing questions, scoring and weighting methodology and processes.  Business rules can be configured to reflect the commercial policy of each organisation (e.g. whether or not to allow reassignment of weights in determining non-price Call-Offs).

An important part of SPECT is its ability to work in single and consortium deployments.  In consortium deployments, multiple organisations can work together through the same system to achieve efficiencies in processes and purchasing power.  An example of this is the South London Consortium comprised of four London Boroughs: Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham and Bromley.

SPECT was purpose built for Commissioning functions such as Adult Social Care and Supporting People but is equally at home in other Procurement and Commercial areas such as Information Technology, Arts, Leisure or any other area of Contract Management.

Key Features:

  • Set-up and manage multiple tender types including frameworks, call-offs (inc. volume tracking), mini-competitions and standalone tenders
  • Add, edit and delete tender evaluation questions in many sections and define the tender hierarchy
  • Define weighting and scoring protocol giving the option to include or exclude scores for the pricing levels (various price/cost scoring methodologies)
  • Manage tender processes including tasks, milestones, and events/casenotes
  • Case manage providers/suppliers across their involvement in multiple tenders and call-offs
  • Integrated with our extensive reporting tool, WISDOM

Example Deployments:

  • Supporting people including accommodation based and floating support
  • Adult social care
  • Childrens services
  • Arts, libraries and leisure
  • Information technology and projects
  • Procurement teams
  • Environmental services

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