Our highly configurable Digital Pen platform provides the best of both worlds: the flexibility and simplicity of paper solutions combined with the processing and reporting power of electronic solutions. It provides a strong return on investment and a compelling 'Invest to Save' business case.

Digital Pens overcome the underlying problems of purely paper or purely electronic methods. Paper solutions are admin heavy with long process times, the need to re-type/copy data and suffer from data inaccuracies, duplications and omissions. Electronic solutions such as laptops/PDAs generally deliver a lower level of engagement between users and clients especially in more personal roles where eye contact and body language are very important (e.g. Care, Support and Services such as Housing, Benefits etc). Laptops/PDAs are fragile, easy targets for theft, intimidating to 'non-technical' staff and are expensive both in purchase price and overall total cost ownership. 

Digital Pens provide the basis for an engaging client and user experience with low total cost of ownership, substantial process and administration efficiencies, more accurate and usable data as well as increased staff satisfaction. They are effective in both remote worker solutions (e.g. support/care workers, inspectors etc) and in front line roles such as 'drop in' centres (e.g. Housing Options, Gateways, Benefits etc).   

How does it work?

The Digital Pen captures data from paper forms as the user writes sending both a pixel perfect image of what was written and fully digitised data which our technology inserts into the electronic fields on our business systems or any connected 3rd Party system. You now have the fully processing power of your business systems including powerful reporting from tools such as our WISDOM Reporting Suite. Data recognition and digitisation is highly accurate with a simple, efficient error handling system sweeping up any minor issues.   

No special paper is required and when combined with a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, complete independence from the office can be achieved. Alternatively, a simple pen docking station can transmit the data and charge the pen. Say goodbye to admin heavy tasks such as data re-typing, dual keying, copying, scanning, shredding, filing etc!

Implementation and Use:

  • We help you to replicate your own Forms, redesign new Forms or you can use our own standard Forms rebranded as your own
  • You can use all field types such as lists/dropdowns, checkboxes, freetext, structured text, numbers, images and much more
  • Specific processes, data formats and field/form validation can all be added to match your working practices
  • We 'digitise' your forms meaning we map them to properly formatted fields that we create for you in our systems (or connected 3rd party systems). We also retain each form in its exact visual format as written
  • We provide a simple method for staff to manage their forms including error handling should any minor recognition errors occur (they just look at the visual image and update the field)
  • We provide full supply, installation, training and support for the forms and digital pens. Alternatively, we can train and handover to your IT team or partner
  • Available standalone with our WISDOM Reporting Suite or fully integrated with SHARPHOAMSSEER or  SMART

Example Deployments:

  • Adult social care, supporting people and children's services - assessments, support/care plans, reviews, individual education plan, etc
  • Housing options such as advice forms, homelessness applications, mortgage rescue applications, rent incentive schemes, temporary accommodation, housing register, etc
  • Inspections and visit reports such as trading standards, health and safety, and noise control
  • Environment services such as development and planning, building control, rubbish and recycling
  • Other areas including advice and benefits, jobs and careers, businesses, community and leisure
  • Suitable for local authorities, service providers and private companies

Contact us to discuss Digital Pens and what they can do for you.

Got something else in mind that you need Digital Pens for?  Read about our subsidised Early Adopter Programmes in public sector, financial and general business and contact us.