hoams  is a purpose-built software product for Local Authorities and Housing organisations to efficiently carry out their working practices for Enhanced Housing Options including Homelessness, Advice, Specialist Advice (Mortgage Rescue, Rent Incentive etc), Worklessness and Gateway. hoams  fully manages clients, cases, personal housing plans, temporary accommodation, applications/assessments, providers and a wide range of specialist functions including extensive reporting and Government Returns. Additional optional modules are also available to manage Rent Accounts via the Finance and Rents Module and to fully manage the Housing Register. It can also be deployed fully integrated with our Supported Housing, Floating Support and Care system, sharp .

Designed for both Local Authority officers and for direct service user access, hoams  is delivered as a web-based, fully hosted solution requiring no local IT resource enabling a rapid start-up time. It can be deployed for simple, complex, multi-department and regional pan-authority requirements and can be linked to other Housing, CRM or other modern 3rd party systems. hoams has been designed by Local Authorities for Local Authorities.

Key Areas:

  • Front desk and triage
  • Advice, prevention and homelessness
  • Specialist areas inc. rights, mortgages, rent incentives
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Statutory and local reporting
  • Personal housing plans

  • Full end to end case management
  • Integrated workflow and inter-team client handling
  • Fully configurable electronic forms module
  • Standard letters and scheduled reporting
  • Fully configurable security and user classes
  • Options including finance/rents module and housing register

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