SMART – Spatial Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

Our smart solution is the only purpose-built monitoring, analysis and reporting software specifically designed for the needs of Local Authorities. Based around an extensive housing monitoring module, SMART extends into many other areas such as Employment, Sustainability and Transport and is fully configurable for any custom monitoring requirement.

smart combines intelligent workflow and simple, intuitive web-based wizards with sophisticated analytics, reporting and GIS to provide the definitive monitoring tool for Local Authorities.

smart advantages

    • – Provides definitive monitoring view
    • – Extensive analytics and reporting
    • – Advanced querying including GIS
    • – Interfaces with existing systems for data exchange
    • – Supports best practice and MHCLG (previously DCLG) guidance
    • – Streamlines administration creating synergies and efficiencies
    • – Facilitates cross-department and cross Authority collaboration and coordination
    • – Improves monitoring processes and querying
    • – Facilitates joint data collection and cross-department information sharing
    • – Expands information access and data sharing throughout the organisation
    – Can be linked with other local and regional authorities for joined-up monitoring

Reporting, Analysis and Querying
smart features a GIS-enabled reporting tool including pre-written standard reports which are expanded in each new release. Custom reporting functionality allows users to create and publish their own reports. Power users can create complex reports including geospatial queries.

Managing Government Returns
One of the main benefits of SMART is its capability to support data provision and reporting for the many Government Returns. E.g. Annual Monitoring Reports for Local Development Frameworks and Regional Spatial Strategy as well as other Sustainability Appraisals. CDP will continue to expand the software to provide wider applicability as public sector monitoring evolves.

Automated Interfaces
Built-in interfaces enable data exchange with 3rd party applications (e.g. Development Control) and internally developed systems (e.g. Access databases, observatories).SMART supports XML or CSV. cdpsmart can also be linked with other SMART installations to provide cross supersets from District to Regional level.

Key Features:
–  Full permission lifecycle
–  Create sites and manage allocations
–  Algorithms for quality and accuracy
–  Configurable alerting and exception reporting
–  S106 module
–  Premises/Stock module
–  Import historical data
–  Automated interfaces to existing applications
–  Regional, county-wide and district versions
–  Configurable for local monitoring needs
–  Full use class/land use code support

–  Planning monitoring
–  Annual monitoring reports
–  Policy, strategy and objective monitoring
–  Housing trajectories
–  “Joined up” monitoring
–  Advanced Querying
–  Sustainability appraisal
–  Seamless digital chain

Our products can be configured for virtually any monitoring, analysis and reporting requirements. Ask our experts for advice and guidance. We are always happy to help!

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