CDPSoft is a software development consultancy based in Staines, south-west of London. Its mission is to design, develop and market high-performance software solutions for the Public Sector.

Formed in 1994, CDPSoft has historically been a software services company serving a variety of market sectors including pharmaceutical, finance, public sector, media and entertainment and charities. In 2006, the Board of Directors approved a change in focus to move towards software products in market sectors it considers to be strategic. Since then, CDPSoft has designed and developed advanced software products in the Public Sector. In 2009, GAIN Capital acquired a 10% strategic stake in CDPSoft.

In the Public Sector, we focus on specialist software solutions across Housing, Planning, Suppport & Care and Multi-Agency Case Management.

CDPSoft has proven solutions in:

  • Critical ‘people-centric’ areas such as Housing, Care, Support, Independent Living and Personalisation.  Deployments include Local Authorities, Care/Support Providers, Housing Associations and Charities.
  • ‘Task Force’ solutions for targeted requirements such as specialist configurations for Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking, Consortium Commissioning Groups and Outcomes Management.
  • Spatial/Planning and Land solutions such as Forward Planning, Housing Trajectories and Housing Capacity.
  • Client Access Portals including Advice Wizards, Content Management, Personal Assistants and Workflow for individuals and organisations.

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