Platform Features

Designed with flexibility in mind all of our solutions are based on our purpose-built heavily configurable suite of Software Modules that can be tailored to each customer implementation. Our solutions provide the best of both worlds.

“You get the customisation of a bespoke type system with the future proofed, economics and support of a modular product based solution”

With a vast range of optional tailorable features in each module, we’re able to implement solutions based on your working practices, enabling a wide variety of services, pathways and client journey’s and the associated monitoring and reporting requirements to be deployed in a single solution.

“We remove the clutter, so you only see what you need!”

Through our best in class implementation services, we work with you to select the correct features for your deployment, switching off the functions, modules and even individual fields that are not required (they’re easy enough to switch back on). With a wide range of configurable choices, we can tailor implementations to your needs.

What can the CDPSoft Platform do?

– Needs Assessments
– Support Plans & Outcomes
– Full Case Management
– Referrals, Assessments and Reviews
– Risk Assessments and Reviews
– Safeguarding & Risk Management
– Placement Management
– Matching Engine for Client/Citizen and Service
– Families & Groups Case Management
– Standard Letters
– Structured Plans including,
Personal Housing Plans
Individual Action Plans
– Full Referral & Placement Lifecycle
– Dynamic Waiting List Management
– Temporary/Emergency Accommodation
– Service, Vacancy and Bed Space Availability
– Gateway & Single Point of Access
– Consortium Deployments
– Service Provider & Referral Agency Module
– Provider Nominations & Allocations
– Multi-Agency Coordination/Management
– Task Manager
– Advanced Tasking Module
– Mini Workflow & Automated Triggers
– Training, Courses and Workshop Management

there’s more…

– Housing Options
– Front Desk/Triage
– Advice, Prevention & Relief
– Homelessness Applications
– Reviews & Appeals
– Multiple Specialist Advice Areas
– HRA & H-CLIC compliance
– Contract Management
– Finance Module/Ledger
– Customisable Integrated Reporting
– Performance Management
– Statutory Reports
– Client/Citizen Access Front End (CAFÉ)
– Debt & Arrears Management
– Full Service Management
– Address/Property Management
– Void & Repairs Management
– Landlord Management

and even more…

    •  – Finance Module (Clients/Citizens & Services)
    •  – Fully Customisable Forms
    •  – Alerts and Notification
    •  – SMS (send & reply)
     – Two Factor Authentication
    •  – GDPR module and features
    •  – Offline Working
    •  – Document Storage (any format)
    •  – Data Migration Module
     – Interfaces (CSV, XML, REST API’s)

The list doesn’t end there, with the ability to pick from a wide range of features and modules that can work together or separately in a single solution, we’re confident our solutions will help you shape your services and deliver your vision.

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