Housing Options and Homelessness Reduction Solutions

Our hoams solution is a feature-rich departmental level system to manage all housing options, advice, housing related support and temporary accommodation plus a comprehensive, flexible HRA module in one system that supports both the HRA/H-CLIC requirements and local working practices.

The MHCLG data validation Schematron is fully integrated in hoams . This allows an assessor to quickly and easily validate the case they are working on using the same validation that is applied when the case is submitted to MHCLG via the DELTA upload website.

hoams for Housing Options includes a wide range of features as standard that come together to ensure you are prepared and able to provide first-class services, including client access.

The flexibility of hoams  makes it possible to also facilitate wider working practices whilst ensuring you are meeting the requirements of the HRA. Examples include

  • Homelessness and Enhanced Housing Options
  • Referral Pathways
  • Support Gateways
  • Vulnerability and Safeguarding
  • Finances
  • Employment Support
  • Any Social Care/Support Services
  • Temporary and Permanent Accommodation
  • Online & Offline Referrals (Duty to Refer)
  • Letting Services
  • Personal Budget Services
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Housing Related Support
  • Multi-Agency Case Management
By providing the option for you to bring complementary services together in one place hoams  removes the complexities of the joined-up working required to provide truly effective and efficient Housing Options.

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