Offline Working

Whether it’s providing a mechanism for external agencies to complete your Digital Referral and Assessment Forms or providing your employees with the ability to work offline and away from the office, our intuitive Offline Working solution is designed to reduce administrative tasks and free up time for your employees to do what they do best, helping staff release capacity and maximise their efficiency.

         “Release Capacity and Maximise Efficiency”

Our Offline solutions provide the ability to manage and complete essential information on the go. Working alongside our workflow features, information populated from offline working can automatically trigger other actions such as authorisations, escalations, reminders and notifications.

         “Automatic Triggers from Offline Working”

Our Offline Working solution gives you the capability to mirror your key working practices (both internal to your services or externally to your partners), allowing you to

    – Streamline and standardise processes and documentation
    – Reduce data entry time
    – Complete more tasks in less time
    – Improve the quality of the information captured
    – Improve management information and reports
    – Improve service standards

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