Multi-Agency Collaboration

With improved information sharing and better collaboration being fundamental to minimising risk and improving outcomes our intuitive solutions provide the platform for a more efficient response to case management from the outset.

           “a problem shared is a problem halved”

We understand that collaboration is key to safeguarding and promoting welfare and improving outcomes for vulnerable and/or chaotic people. Our people-centric, purpose-built and widely used case management solutions are designed with multi-agency collaboration in mind, fully supporting

    – A “tell your story once” approach
    – Single or joint risk & needs assessments
    – Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
    – Streamlined referral & waiting list management
    – Multi-agency safeguarding
    – Coordinated case-work
    – Case- conferencing
    – Key-working

Deployed in a range of settings and used by Commissioners, Service Providers and Statutory Agencies our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ready solutions,

    – Facilitate collaboration between providers
    – Improve access to services
    – Improve multi-agency working
    – Increase information sharing
    – Help better manage & minimise risk
– Improve overall case management
– Provide management information
– Help establish effective pathways
– Improve safeguarding and outcomes

Because you know what works best in multi-agency case management and in what circumstances multi-agency case management works, we have designed our solutions to be heavily configurable and flexible so that each deployment can be tailored to specific working practices (right down to every question/piece of information you need to record and report on).

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