Gateways & Single Point of Access Solutions

With the scarcity of resource being a challenge for both providers and commissioners, our solutions help you make sure that available services get allocated to those that need them most.

Our web-accessed Gateway and Single Point of Access solutions are designed to provide improved access to services through coordinating referrals, assessments, waiting lists and overall case management.

Our solutions have helped shape how services are accessed and delivered, enabling providers and local authorities to streamline service delivery and improve access and outcomes.

How we can help shape service delivery

    – Implement single assessment frameworks
    – Avoid multiple assessments
    – Avoid inappropriate referrals
    – Cater for simple and complex referral pathways
    – Ensure appropriate information sharing
    – Easily identify suitably available services
    – Easily identify suitably available bed spaces
    – Facilitate anywhere, anytime assessments & referrals
    – Establish effective pathways through services

Used nationally by statutory agencies, local authorities and other non-profit services in a range of settings our solutions are used to enable and support a diverse range of services and pathways, including
    – Homelessness
    – Housing Related Support
    – Young People
    – Mental Health
    – Home Care
    – Visiting Support
    – Safeguarding
    – Health & Wellbeing
    – Outcome Frameworks
    – Lottery Funded Services
    – Home Office Funded Services
    – EU Funded Services
    – CCG Funded Services

We’ve got it covered!
As standard, our solutions include fully integrated reporting for management information or embedding of your statutory reports.

All of our solutions can be deployed with our wide range of standalone or complementary modules, including

    – Case Management
    – Service Management
    – Personalisation and Individual Budgets
    – Multi-Agency Collaboration
    – Client and Advocacy Collaboration
    – Finance (for services, support and properties)
    – Housing Options
    – Homelessness
    – Prevention & Relief
    – Self-Directed Support
    – Contract Management


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