wisdom is CDPSoft’s powerful purpose-built reporting tool based on Jasper Reports. WISDOM is fully featured with an integrated custom reporting tool, report scheduler, standard reports with filters, multiple output types, spreadsheet and document data injectors, expert report designer and a report distribution engine.

All of CDPSoft’s products have wisdom integrated to provide full reporting and analysis capability. It can also be deployed as a standalone reporting solution.
Key Features:

  • Extensive standard reports with search filters, report criteria, multiple output options, scheduling and distribution
  • Integrated web based custom report builder for ‘non-technical’ users to create reports quickly and easily
  • Standalone report designer for expert users
  • Full scheduling engine including the ability to set the time, dates, number of occurrences, frequency intervals and much more
  • Report Distribution function to send Reports automatically via email or through the systems own alerting (when combined with SHARP, HOAMS, etc)
  • Multiple output types including PDF, Word, Excel, CSV and XML


  • Cell Inject to enable reports or groups of reports to have their output inserted into specific Excel Cell references or reference ranges of uploaded templates (e.g. P1E, H1, PI Workbooks, AMR)
  • Doc Inject for injecting standard mail merge and data tables into RTF style templates such as MS Word. This is powerful for standard letters
  • Master and sub-reports can be developed which share report criteria – crucial for workbooks and government returns
  • Includes meta data reporting for using generated electronic forms
  • Multiple ExtraCalc and ExtraData functions to allow complex calculated fields to be generated
  • Reporting on Geographical Information Systems (SMART and VISION only)

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