seer  is CDPSoft’s purpose built solution for Personalisation and Individual Budgets. It is designed to manage the involvement of all stakeholders in the Individual Budgets process including the Client, Trusted Advisors, Brokers/Navigations, Principal Service Providers, Service Providers, Budget Holders and Policy Makers.

seer  can be linked to back office systems such as Adult Social Care systems and can be deployed as a standalone solution or fully integrated with a parallel commissioned Gateway solution (e.g. Supporting People). It manages the full lifecycle from first approach and screening; through the determination of needs, support objectives and budgets; and onto the actual execution and review cycle associated with the client’s care and support plan(s).

seer  can also be deployed with our new Finance Module to manage payments to Clients or Providers on their behalf. The Finance Module can also manage payments to Providers under a commissioned contract route when deployed with our Gateway solution, sharp .

Key Functions:

  • End to end Workflow from first contact to executed Support Plan including Screening, Assessments, Budget Determination, Payment, Support/IB Plans, Reviews, Reporting etc.
  • Budget Determination and Tracking including links to optional Finance module for Payments
  • Multiple structured plans including Individual Budget Plan (costs), Support Plans, Reviews and Outcomes
  • Authorisation and Review Processes
  • Extensive Searching and Matching for Clients
  • Full Referral and Placement module for booking services

Key User Classes and System Stakeholders:

  • The Client – to view everything associated with their client record and service provision
  • Trusted Advisors/Advocates – appointed by the client
  • Assessment Centres including Client Screening, Self-Assessment, Guided Assessments, Risk Assessments etc.
  • Brokers/Services – services to help clients to understand what is available and book services
  • Principal Service Providers and standard Providers/Services to manage service offerings, clients and care provision
  • System Owner – whether a Local Authority or Provider, the System Owner manages working practices, policies, content, financial/payments and reporting

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