CDP sharp is believed to be the only system on the market that enables you to manage services, cases and people for such a broad variety of service types in one place. Example service types , Homelessness, Housing Related Support, Employment Support, Domestic Abuse, Health & Wellbeing, Visiting Services Substance Misuse and much more. From […]

Platform Features

Designed with flexibility in mind all of our solutions are based on our purpose-built heavily configurable suite of Software Modules that can be tailored to each customer implementation. Our solutions provide the best of both worlds. “You get the customisation of a bespoke type system with the future proofed, economics and support of a modular […]


sharp is the leading purpose-built software product for Local Authorities, Housing Providers and Service Providers to efficiently carry out their working practices for Single Point of Access/Gateway, Housing Related Support, Health & Wellbeing,  Visting Support, Homelessness/Housing Options and more. sharp fully manages clients, cases, contracts, all types of assessments, providers/services and vacancies/waiting lists. It features […]


seer  is CDPSoft’s purpose built solution for Personalisation and Individual Budgets. It is designed to manage the involvement of all stakeholders in the Individual Budgets process including the Client, Trusted Advisors, Brokers/Navigations, Principal Service Providers, Service Providers, Budget Holders and Policy Makers. seer  can be linked to back office systems such as Adult Social Care […]


wisdom is CDPSoft’s powerful purpose-built reporting tool based on Jasper Reports. WISDOM is fully featured with an integrated custom reporting tool, report scheduler, standard reports with filters, multiple output types, spreadsheet and document data injectors, expert report designer and a report distribution engine. All of CDPSoft’s products have wisdom integrated to provide full reporting and […]


hoams  is a purpose-built software product for Local Authorities and Housing organisations to efficiently carry out their working practices for Enhanced Housing Options including Homelessness, Prevention, Relief Advice, Specialist Advice (Mortgage Rescue, Rent Incentive etc), Worklessness and Gateway. hoams  fully manages clients, cases, personal housing plans, temporary accommodation, applications/assessments, providers and a wide range of […]

SMART – Spatial Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

Our smart solution is the only purpose-built monitoring, analysis and reporting software specifically designed for the needs of Local Authorities. Based around an extensive housing monitoring module, SMART extends into many other areas such as Employment, Sustainability and Transport and is fully configurable for any custom monitoring requirement. smart combines intelligent workflow and simple, intuitive web-based […]

Early Adopter Programmes (EAP)

Interested in working with us to create something great? CDPSoft is always looking for opportunities to combine its software development expertise with the specialist business/sector knowledge of client/prospect to create a new software application or module. This is a crucial component of CDPSoft’s strategy to build new products in partnership with Early Adopter clients and […]

Client Access Front End (CAFÉ)

Our Client Access Front End (CAFÉ) is designed for people who use services as well as their carers, advocates or relevant people service users wish to have access to their record. Implemented as an extension to any of our service related deployments CAFÉ provides anytime access for the people accessing your services, providing a real […]