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Housing Options and Homelessness Reduction Solutions

Our hoams solution is a feature-rich departmental level system to manage all housing options, advice, housing related support and temporary accommodation plus a comprehensive, flexible HRA module in one system that supports both the HRA requirements and local working practices.

hoams for Housing Options includes a wide range of features as standard that come together to ensure you are prepared and able to provide first-class services.

The flexibility of hoams  makes it possible to also facilitate wider working practices whilst ensuring you are meeting the requirements of the HRA. Examples include

  • Homelessness and Enhanced Housing Options
  • Referral Pathways
  • Support Gateways
  • Vulnerability and Safeguarding
  • Finances
  • Any Social Care/Support Services
  • Temporary and Permanent Accommodation
  • Letting Services
  • Personal Budget Services
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Housing Related Support
  • Multi-Agency Case Management
By providing the option for you to bring complementary services together in one place hoams  removes the complexities of the joined-up working required to provide truly effective and efficient Housing Options.

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